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Edon was founded in 1950.  EDON pioneered the development of synchronous memory systems, parasitic transducer drives and related devices for automation applications.  Edon first introduced, in the late 50ís, a mechanical synchronous memory for real-time tracking of the position and velocity of objects while being conveyed on a continuous conveyor.  Originally used almost exclusively for material handling systems the mechanical memory found a niche in automated paint finishing also.  The first application for automated paint finishing was employed  at Fisher Body Southgate in 1962.  The mechanical memory was also put to use by the U. S. Government in the postal sector for package sorting at major U. S. Post Offices.   The development of the mechanical memory led to the world-wide use of Edon products and provided control for the majority of all automated painting, sorting and part tracking  systems. Throughout the years many other applications and developments followed from Edon which enhanced synchronous control of conveyors and automation systems.

The advent of programmable logic controllers brought an end to mechanical memory systems with hard-wired relay logic.  PLCís with high resolution synchronous registers provided more flexibility than these earlier systems.   Today, in addition to paint finishing automation and controls, Edon continues to build quality synchronizing devices which work in conjunction with conveyors, PLC and PC logic and robotic type automation.  Edon parasitic encoder and resolver drives are known for their quality and have come to be a standard in automotive and industrial plants.  Coupled with encoding devices these synchronous drives provide the means for real-time position and velocity feed-back for a wide variety of automated and conveyor control applications.  Edon drives are high-quality and robust and are built in standard and heavy-duty versions; they provide years of trouble-free and dependable service.  In addition to our full complement of standard parasitic drives, Edon provides special drives to meet customer requirements, as well as custom PLC and PC controls to meet automation needs.

The goal of EDON is to strategically grow via niche opportunities which  serve our customerís needs.  And, as always, we will maintain a high-quality ethic, a value-added, customer satisfaction philosophy and provide expedient on-time delivery.   We seek to provide technological advancements to improve and enhance our products for paint finishing automation and conveyor control, as well as provide other devices and services, which fulfill our customerís requirements.


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