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"VS" Reciprocator


Introducing the new EDON "VS" Paint Reciprocator!...

The EDON "VS" series vertical/horizontal paint finishing reciprocator is unique in design as compared to competitive machines on the market.  Unlike other reciprocators that are built around non-precision hot rolled structural elements, the "VS" machine is built around a truss-like modular aluminum super structure.  This concept provides modularity and maximum stiffness and precision by taking advantage of the combined moments of inertia of the integral components to maximize the structural modulus.  It also provides more flexibility to be able to easily meet customer requirements for long or short stroke machines as all machines are built around the same CNC machined modular truss element which can be economically inventoried.  Further, the design provides for superior performance at high loads and high speeds since the relative stiffness eliminates harmonics that can be reflected in poor finish quality.

The truss elements are assembled to 6061T6 aluminum bar stock to form a precision skeleton framework of suitable length and cross section that includes the drive motor and reducer.  Precision hardened and ground 1-1/2" diameter ways with cam followers guide the robust aluminum gun/bell mounting carriage.  The carriage is configured so that the exterior machine enclosure forms a labyrinth seal around the carriage to help control over spray contamination from entering the enclosure.  The spray device mounting arm can be side or front mounted and is constructed of 2-1/2" diameter aluminum tubing supported by heavy-duty pillow blocks.  The carriage is driven via #80 roller chain that is guided throughout its travel to assure smooth operation at payloads of up to 100 lbs. and velocities of up to 6 fps.  The chain-tensioning device is such that chain and sprocket alignment is guaranteed via the large 1-1/4" diameter idler hub with guide dowels and dual bearings that support the idler sprocket assembly.

The reciprocator is designed for easy maintenance as the smooth aerodynamic enclosure opens to provide full and easy access to all components.  The machine base is a heavy 1-1/2" steel plate to provide maximum stability; and, tall machines require no lateral bracing.  The base can be optionally furnished with dolly wheels/ways/guides, etc. for manual or programmed positioning.

Motion controls can be supplied by EDON or the customer.  EDON supplied controls can be as basic as simple speed control or as inclusive as closed-loop velocity and position control with multiple programming capability with digital and analog inputs and outputs and line-tracking capability, etc.

VS Reciprocator Features and Benefits:

          Robust modular construction

          6 fps maximum velocity

          2hp, 230/460/60/1, VFD compatible x-proof motor drive

          #80 roller chain drive with tensioner

          Rigid aluminum truss-like design

          1-1/2" hardened and ground ways with cam-followers

          Removable enclosure providing full access for maintenance

          Labyrinth seals at carriage penetration

       Carriage cross-head for smooth fixed stroke reversal or fail safe programmable stroke overrun control


          Gun toeing

          "X" and/or "Y" axes

          "VFD" motion control

          Strokes as standard up to 24'-0"

          Brake motor

          Encoder feed-back




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